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Architecture and design

The Mövenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi continues Marrakech’s tradition of sober lines and ocher tones, while drawing inspiration from the oasis system for the gardens. Inside, the recurring themes of copper, light, and water meet and intersect throughout the entire oasis.

The poetic nature of the resort is written in the subtle elements that combine contemporary design inspired by traditional Moroccan art, prestigious materials, a sophisticated play of light and shadow, and the contrast between opulent reception areas and low-key walkways.

In the same spirit, the passageways from individual reception areas, covered by large mashrabiya panels, discreetly circle the lobby to join up with the main gallery. Similarly, the sought-after elegance of the Grand Oasis Resort’s VIP lounge is highlighted by the graphic minimalism in the surrounding and departing galleries.

Columns and pilasters with light wood cladding stand out against the radiant white tadelakt walls. The marble floor features a pixelated black, gray, and white layout, while oversized light fixtures mark the intersections of various walkways. The elegant flow is occasionally punctuated by an eye-catching centerpiece (an old chest, saddle, fountain, etc.).

Most of the decorative elements were specially designed for the hotel and made in Morocco. As such, these are custom pieces with some exceptional craftsmanship, such as the mashrabiya panels in the lobby—an expression of grand intimacy whose laser-cut patterns gradually unfold across three dimensions. Three years of international engineering were needed to design and construct this modern reinterpretation of an iconic aspect of Morocco’s way of life.

The desire to preserve the hotel’s more private features led us to a rethink its connection with the Palais des Congrès through the lobby area. For example, the beautiful passageway leading from the hotel—dotted with red velvet banquettes and large vases with black trimming—functions as the Palais des Congrès’s theatrical VIP exit during the Marrakech International Film Festival. It also leads to other areas of the Grand Oasis Resort, such as Nozha Coffee & Take Away.


Mansour Eddahbi ☆☆☆☆☆
Bd Mohamed VI, 40000 Marrakech
Tel: +212 5243-39100

  • Architecture and design
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